EagleDrive DEMSE
Product Type:
DC Drives


The EagleDrive DEMSE is an elecromagnetic drive for Micropump Series GA, GAF, GJ, GJR, and CA pumps. It is a very compact, high-performance drive that enables our pumps to address a wide range of applications. The EagleDrive is an innovative brushless DC motor with no moving parts for outstanding efficiency and reliability. With vaiable speed operation, a tachometer and error output, and with fwd/rev capabilities, the EagleDrive is the right choice for many designs.

Performance Summary

Drive Type Electromagnetic
Speed (min) 250 RPM
Torque (max)
70.62 mNm
10 oz-in
Speed (max) 8,000 RPM
Power Source 10 to 38 VDC
Mount SE - Mount
Speed Control 0-5V
Connection Wire Leads
Power (max) 48 W
0.27 kg
0.6 lbs


EagleDrive Datasheet



Small Package Ease of integration
No Moving Parts Higher reliability and longer life
High Torque Improved flow rates with continuous duty pressures
Up to 10,000 RPM Higher flow rates
Wide Range of Power Supply Voltages (10-38 VDC) Ease of integration
Multiple Tach Out Options Ease of integration
Fail / Fault Output Signals Ease of integration

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